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SOS Customer Services Designs Workstation Cranes for Your Needs

Light-Track Workstations

SOS Customer Services offers smaller workstation cranes designed for your material handling requirements.


The Demag KBK light system workstation offers a compact size alternative for your material handling needs. The KBK light-system workstation is a cost-effective lifting solution for areas that do not require a large lifting capacity.


Eliminate the temptation for your workers to lift more than they can handle and reduce ergonomic injuries related to manually lifting! KBK light system is ideal for lighter lifting capacity. KBK light-system workstation is a multipurpose choice for your ergonomic material handling solutions.


SOS Customer Services Inc. is affiliated with most major manufactures of light track systems and has a strong partnership with prominent manufactures such as Gorbel, Spanco, Zimmermann and Liftech-Loadrail. We have access to a wide variety of hoist and handling devices to complement your light-track system.


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