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SOS Customer Services is now offering complete automotive lift service. We provide annual hoist safety inspections, repairs, installations and relocations.  We service all makes and manufacturers of car lifts.


There are many types of automobile lifts.  We service the 2 post and 4 post above ground lifts.  We will source the parts if they are still available depending on the age of the auto lift.


We service all auto or truck shops within the Greater Toronto area.  If you are relocating, we will disassemble your lift, transport it, and then reassemble the lift at your new location.


We provide mandatory safety inspections as required by OHSA.  These inspections are required annually and we will follow up with reminders.


If you have purchased a used auto lift, we will safely install it at your current or new location


Call our office to arrange a service call

usually within a day. 905-670-3050

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Talk to one of our staff about your equipment needs or request emergency repair service.

Quality, Hard-Working Hoists from SOS Customer Services in Mississauga

Wire Rope Hoists

SOS Customer Services Inc. is affiliated with most major manufactures of wire rope hoists and has a strong partnership with prominent manufacturers like Demag and Stahl.

We have access to a wide variety of electrical wire rope hoist, offering a number of selections from single hook to multiple hook systems, to special application requirements. The choice of hoist selected will be based on the required application, duty cycle and lifting capacity.

Chain Hoists

Wire rope hoist

SOS Customer Services Inc. is affiliated with most major manufacturers of chain hoists systems and has a strong partnership with prominent manufacturers such as Demag and Stahl.


We have access to a wide variety of electrical and manual-chain hoists, offering a number of selections from single-hook to multiple-hook systems. Hoists are selected based on the requirements for applications.


For a hazardous workplace environment where flammable gasses vapours, mist or dust may be present, we offer certified, electric, explosion-proof chain hoists or, as an alternative, air-operated chain hoist.


Air Hoists (Wire Rope or Chain)

Chain hoist

Air hoists offer the versatility of variable speed control coupled with fast operating speeds. They are also suitable for many explosion-proof applications.

Available in capacities from 100 lbs to 100 tonnes.

Mining & Petro-Chemical

JDN-MONORAIL- AIR HOISTS are especially suitable for application in areas of high humidity, dust or hazardous atmosphere where there is a risk of high-corrosions contamination and explosion.

These are specifically designed for use in mining and oil and petro-chemical industries.

Wind Chain Hoists

Air hoist

Easy Maintenance and Repair

Day by day, rotors turn under changing conditions. If the system comes to a standstill as the result of malfunctions or maintenance work, power generation comes to a halt. The required spare parts and equipment have to be lifted into the nacelle as quickly as possible. Here the Demag DC Wind chain hoist with hook paths of up to 130 m is a proven lifting device in wind energy systems. Fitted to slewing jibs or travelling portals, it transports loads weighing up to 1000 kg with ease.

In accordance with the operating conditions, the chain hoists are fitted with larger chain collector bags, or alternatively the chain is led through a tube into a separate container. In addition, the highest and lowest hook positions are limited by limit switches, an optional locking device secures the trolley against unwanted movement. The Demag DC Wind chain hoist, which is specially designed to meet the requirements of the industry, is one of the most frequently used hoists by leading manufacturers.

Wind farm
Wind chain hoist parts

Convenient Operation

  • Fast main lifting motion and precise travel at creep speed

  • Optimum handling thanks to compact, ergonomic control pendant and flexible control cable

  • Compact dimensions due to low trolley design

  • Practical storage compartment for the control pendant on the outside of the chain collector bag (optional)

  • No damage to the inner or outer surface of the tower by lifting motions thanks to a protective sleeve on the hook fittings (optional)

High Safety Standard

  • The brake-coupling system ensures that the load is held securely in any operating situation and prevents the load from dropping

  • The corrosion-protected with brake with IP 55 enclosure is accommodated beneath an electrical equipment cover that also features IP 55 enclosure

  • Improved safety due to operating limit switches for the highest and lowest hook positions

  • Safe switching and operation due to 24 V contactor control

  • Chain collector bag additionally attached to the trolley

  • Trolley can be simply locked with a handle


Wind chain hoist parts

Fast to Install and Simple to Maintain

The DC Wind chain hoist shows its benefits from the very beginning and can be installed and put into operation in a minimum of time. The design also makes it particularly easy to maintain.

  • Simple commissioning and service thanks to plug and lift connections

  • Fast and simple height-adjustment of the control cable without the need for any wiring

  • Extremely low wear due to electrical braking and slip monitoring of the slipping clutch

  • Gearbox, brake and slipping clutch maintenance-free for up to 10 years

Technical Data

Wind chain hoist crosscut

1) Weight without chain

IP 55 enclosure, 60 % cyclic duty factor

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